Child Poverty  The Facts

Image by Chris Hardy

As a child, Theo's mum Sara  and her two sisters were bought up by a single parent.  Her mum was a student and held down a couple of jobs while studying so money was very 'tight'. Sara remembers that while her mum always did her best for her and her sisters they  didn't have the things she now takes for granted. There was the stigma of this too. Certain times of the year must have proved so hard for her mum such as Christmas; Sara remembers one Christmas when they couldn't buy a tree. 

While Sara and her sisters didn't live in poverty, there were tough times for the family. As a business owner and mum Sara now feels in a position to give back and has started this project with Theo. No one should go hungry; parents shouldn't have to miss meals to feed their kids and no child should go without a present at Christmas.

While Theo's Teddy Rescue may not change the world, we are hoping by supporting the Toy Project we can put a smile on the face of more children this Christmas.

Here are some facts about child poverty that have really hit home for us:

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